Baby Warmer

Mfg. by: Meditrin     Model No : Meditrin     Location:Mumbai,India     Warranty: no

Company: Meditrin Working : Yes, Its working Properly Reason of selling: Hospital is going under renovation, so we want to upgrade our instruments ...more

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Mfg. by: MEDINAIN     Model No : ME-P(20)     Location:Delhi, INDIA     Warranty: yes
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OT Pendant (Motorised) (ME-P20)Description:The activity range of Horizontal arm radius) 1000mm, horizontal  arm and functional box can be simultaneous ...more

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FLARE - 704

Mfg. by: MEDINAIN     Model No : Series - 704     Location:Delhi, INDIA     Warranty: yes

Flare Series - 704FLARE Series - We are using our most advanced technology in flare 7 i.e. Highest intensity,quick response digital touch panel integrated with high ...more

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