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Manufactured by: MEDINAIN
Model No: ME-P(20)
Warranty: yes
Location: Delhi, INDIA
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OT Pendant (Motorised) (ME-P20)


  • The activity range of Horizontal arm radius) 1000mm, horizontal  arm and functional box can be simultaneously rotated, each horizontal rotation angle 340 °.
  • Functional box vertical lifting stroke 250 ~ 600mm. Motor power 100W.
  • The rotary joint has oxygen balloon expandable isolation brakes, just hold down the brake button on the device to easily rotate, release the button to secure the device no drift.
  • The gas terminal interface standard configuration: oxygen 2pcs, suction 2pcs;
  • Different colors and shapes,
  • more than 20,000 times mating cycles;
  • using the secondary seal, with three states (on, off, pull), can carry air service;
  • Instrument platform: two layers (height adjustable); rounded bumper design, each platform can load 20kg;
  • weight loading: 150kg;
  • Power supply: AC220V, 50HZ; AC110V, 60HZ
  • Electrical outlet: 8 pcs (220V / 10A);
  • Potential ground terminal: 2pcs;
  • The network interface: RJ45 1pc;
  • Drawer: 1pc;
  • Syringe pump rack 1pc, infusion pump rack 1pc;
  • The main material: high-strength aluminum alloy;
  • The surface treatment using imported high-voltage electrostatic powder spray;
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