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We specialize in setting up complete - Operating Rooms, Intensive Care Units, Emergency Rooms and Imaging Centers. Since 2006, we have established our headquarters in Vadodara - Gujarat, India and have built extensive installation base with our effective and efficient sales, engineering and service support.

  • Highest Quality products and service Assurance
    Experience & Reliability: With nearly 10 years of experience,Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd. is the leader in the refurbished medical equipment industry and our customers can count on us to provide a complete product turnkey solution that is guaranteed to meet their needs while staying on budget.
    We offer wide range of Medical Equipment from most preferred brands in Industry. We offer customized single source solutions to fulfill our customer’s current and future needs and saving - Time & Money.
  • Parts and Services
    We have largest Inventory of parts in Medical Equipment industry, allowing us to provide critical parts support for effective service.
  • In-House Biomedical Engineering Department
    Is the core of our company, comprised of talented, experienced and trained - team of biomedical engineers. They are trained to refurbish each piece of equipment according to the original manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Customer Service
    Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd. provides its customer single source solutions by proudly stocking the largest quantity and range of medical equipment in the industry, allowing our customers to compare among most preferred brands and models.
  • Field Service Network
    We offer contract and non-contract depot service throughout India and we have establishes a comprehensive nationwide field service network that installs and repairs our products.
  • Warranty :
    All of our products are accompanied by a standard industry warranty and we carry a comprehensive liability insurance guaranteeing our customers peace of mind.

Contact Details
  • 91 - 9512106062
  • 912667264737