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Focus Imaging Systems, which provides full range of services to various Ultrasound medical equipments across India established in 2010 which is headquartered at Chennai. It is started by a young dynamic person Mr. Ravi Theja .T the CEO of this company. His rich ten years of experience in the field of sales and servicing of various newly advanced Ultrasound medical equipments produced from GE, Philips, Toshiba, Aloka, Siemens etc made this company Focus Imaging Systems to a greater height in a short span.

Dependable, Proven and with a vast range of product and service offerings with fullest customer satisfaction, Focus Imaging Systems is now a leading exporter of Ultrasound units and probes to all parts of the world. With an attitude to excel and provide the best service, Focus Imaging Systems has grown rapidly from a single product to a multi brand, multi Product and capable of supporting these products with spares/service backup as well.

Probe Repair

Focus Imaging Systems Specializing in quality repair of ultrasound probes , Probe cable cut , probe head change, Probe side crack & probe layering Ge, Aloka , Siemens, Philips , Toshiba & others brands of ultrasound.

With a rich knowledge of the ultrasound industry, Focus Imaging Systems will provide you with an unmatchable level of professional attention and the right probe at the right price, every time. The probe are repair, it is highly probable that
Focus Imaging Systems will be able to repair your ultrasound probes, therefore saving you additional moneyversus paying for a new product when it is not necessary.

Total probe Quality Assurance testing and a comprehensive warranty.

Ultrasound Service

Utilizing highly trained service engineers and leveraging our in-house repair capability, Focus Imaging Systems provides an attractive alternative to the original manufacturer’s service offering.

Focus Imaging Systems support to keep your ultrasound clean

Dust and a fragmented or full hard drive are often the source of larger problems. Take care of the problems before they begin with an ultrasound Preventative AMC plan.

There annual visits per year. Includes full report of the status of your system
Interior and exterior cleaning of your ultrasound, including blowing out the “card cage” and re-seating all circuit boards

Full Diagnostic tests of the system and transducers

100% coverage of your ultrasound

Full on-site system Parts replacement.

Same-day response and best effort on-site technician within 48 hours.

Coverage throughout the INDIA.

Experienced engineers.

Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction through all aspects of the product life cycle by providing variety of value added services designed to optimize resource utilization and streamline imaging operations.

Focus Imaging Systems is organized into specialized business units which focus on partnering with their specific customer groups to provide them with not just products but a total package of services.

Focus Imaging Systems we offer best range quality and service of all brands of Ultrasound Systems , X-ray, Cram, Mammography, Etc.

Medical Monitor Service

Medical Monitor Displays are repaired and serviced by our qualified Engineers.

We provide cost effective repair CRT Replacement on all types of Medical Monitor

We give warranty each repaired unit for a period of one year.

Medical Monitors are getting more expensive every day. We repair medical monitors for a fraction of what a new one would cost.

In some boards failure is only a few components and the repair can be very reasonable.

Power Supply Service

If you’re considering whether to repair your Power Supply then choose Focus Imaging Systems.

You may be surprised by how much money you can save and how fast Focus Imaging Systems can service and return your item.

Focus Imaging Systems can save you 50% to 80% the cost of a new one.

Most items are back in your hands in 15 working days, with our RUSH Service shipping – 3-5 days after approval.

We Guarantee Our Repairs With One-Year Warranty.

Spare Parts

When it comes to parts, we have you covered. Focus Imaging Systems carries a large supply of contrast injector parts to meet most any request.

We Offer

Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts

Original Part Manufacturer

Refurbished parts

Board Exchange

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