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Ekakshra Medicare & Service company based in Leeds since 2017, where we are specialists in medical equipment for hospitals, clinics and primary care.We maintain the highest levels of expertise to enable us to deliver on our values.We are Leading in Medical Instrument like Ventilator, Monitors, Bipap Machine, ICU- Equipments , ECG- Macshine , Defibrillator , PARA Monitors etc..

Welcome to our Medicare Supplement quoting system. This quoter only quotes Medicare Supplement plans and not Medicare Advantage plans. If you want information about Medicare Advantage plans you can request information from us here or select one of the options in the Medicare Advantage tab above.

WELCOME to the world of most probably the fastest growing Indian company, manufacturing and exporting hospital/medical/scientific/laboratory equipment, devices and instruments, outlined below



Bipap Machine

ICU- Equipment's

ECG- Machine 


PARA Monitors etc..

Contact Details
  • Ekakshra Medicare & Service
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  • 91 - 8168606556
  • 8168606556