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Operating Surgical Lamp LED

Mfg. by: Sumit Surgical Industries     Model No : SSI-404R     Location:Delhi     Warranty: yes
USD 2310

404R Double Dome  Impressive lighting levels & ingenous design make 404R perfect partner for surgical procedures. Maintenance - free OT light to ensure ...more

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operation theatre surgical Light

Mfg. by: Medinain     Model No : Opthalmic OT Table ME-1800E     Location:Delhi     Warranty: yes
USD 1450

Features:-Opthalmic OT Table has a maximum height of 920 mm and minimum height of 690 mm.Ideal for standing table or sitting working position.It is an ideal opetatin ...more

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Mfg. by: Maraton     Model No : Maraton     Location:Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India     Warranty: yes
INR 4500

Key Features:Manufacturer : MaratonAvailable for Inspection : YesWorking Condition :Warranty Available : Yes - 4years months ...more

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Mfg. by: Storz     Model No : Storz     Location:Mumbai, Maharashtra, India     Warranty: yes
INR 10000

Below are Laproscopy equipments which are well maintained and in working condition.1. Storz refurbished Camera2. Storz refurbished monitor3. Laproscopy instruments4. ...more

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Mfg. by: Welch allyn     Model No : Welch allyn     Location:Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India     Warranty: yes
INR 19000

Welch Allyn Retinoscope with all accessories in brand new conditionIdeal for ophthalmic practitioners ...more

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